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Table of Contents Page Updated 5/24
Tuesday 1/24
Thursday 1/19
Tuesday and Wednesday 1/17-18
Absent on Friday 1/13?
China Test Tomorrow 11/18
11/10- Upcoming events
11/3- West Africa Wrap Up
10/20 Tate African Historical and Artistic Traditions- Take notes in Cornell format with the Yellow title questions on the left and a paraphrased version of the white notes on the right.
10/19 Check Google Classroom for Cornell notes quiz and Africa Text Set.
10/18 Cornell Notes on Early Culture and Trade of West Africa. P.116-119
10/7-Islamic Golden Age: Making the Renaissance Possible
10/4-10/5- Perception of Islam Articles.
9/26- Word of the week, Hegira reading on Google Classroom
9/22- Origins of Islam Cornell Notes Pg. 59-62
9/21- Bellringer B and 3 Religions chart.
9/16 Complete "Arabian Geography" up through the "Farmers" section
9/15 Finish Arabia Map and bring your earbud headphones!
9/13-Evaluating Sources